With the addition of online and independent study topics, we are able to offer and incredibly wide range of electives this year on both A Days and B Days. Below, you will find links to several online courses and to Massive Open Onlince Courses which students can take for free.

A Days

English: Forensics  Students will learn participate in competitive speech and debate activities. 

English: Journalism Students will be active journalists for activities happening here at SIS and may actual be published in local newspapers.

PE: Fitness Training Students will engage in a wide variety of fitness activities, focusing on cardiovascular fitness.

Art: Digital Photography  Dive into the amazing and creative world of digital photography.  Explore how to work with different mediums, styles, techniques, etc through multiple editing apps.  Learn how to display your work on a personal website you create over the quarter.  You must have a computer and some sort of digital camera whether it is a phone, iPad, or digital camera.

English/ Art: Yearbook Students will take the lead for creating an publishing this year's yearbook. 

Project X: Students design their own learning or participate in an online course such as Physics or AP Calculus. A catalog of possible courses is listed below.

B Days

Math Enrichment (Grades 7-12): Students will practice their Mathematical skills and some will go on to participate in this years Math Court

English: Technical Writing. Students will learn the best way to write college essays, focusing on their strengths and creating a polished college essay that they can use to apply for university. 

Math: Engineering Engineers combine mathematics, science and technology to produce creative solutions to real world problems. 

Art: Print making/ Paper cutting Chinese paper-cutting is listed on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List because it has a history of more than 1500 years and it represents cultural values of the people throughout China.

PE: Basketball Students will practice their basketball skills, scrimmage and have a lot of fun.

Project X: Students design their own learning or participate in an online course such as Physics or AP Calculus. A catalog of possible courses is listed below.

Course Catelog for K12 Online Classes*

Coursera Courses (Free but higher level courses)**

Massive Open Online Courses for High School Students (Free and  includes computer programming)**

Code Academy (Learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby or PHP at your own pace)**

EdX Harvard and MIT Partnership for HS Students (Free)**

*Online courses from accredited online schools will be transferred in as any other transfer credit, ie we will award credit but it will not count toward the student's GPA.

**Students choosing to engage in a MOOC for credit must also enroll in the Project X course offered online at SIS. Students will learn valuable tools for evaluating and reflecting on their own learning. Grades will be awarded for the Project X course.