Application Process

We are pleased that you are considering Saipan International School for the 2016-2017 school year.  The following links and the website in general will help answer any questions you may have.  The enrollment package includes the following:

Please take your to review and complete the documentation.  Accurate information is important for us to maintain our records and to best facilitate communication with you and care for your children.  Since we use email for sending our report cards and other communications to you it is especially important that you give us your current email address.

You will see a section of the tuition and fees that is specifically for those students who have a student visa (F1) from United States Immigration and Customs.  If you do not have an F1 visa you do not need to pay attention to that section.  If your child does hold an F1 visa that payment schedule applies to you.

The entire SIS staff thanks you for entrusting the education of your children to us.  That is a responsibility we all take seriously and will work to justify your faith in us.  We are dedicated to providing the best learning environment possible for your children. The education and well being of your children is the reason SIS exists and we know that by all working together we can accomplish great things!

Once accepted, students will be given a placement assessment in order to determine the best possible placement at the school. It may take up to 48 hours before students are admitted to classes after the assessment is taken. 

Please complete the Application packet and attach the necessary forms and documents to an email or drop it off in the office.

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