School Virtues

School Virtues

SIS has identified six virtues that form the foundation for the SIS community.  All members of the SIS community should strive to demonstrate these Expected Schoolwide Learning Results in their daily life.

Respect: The learner will listen objectively, seek conflict resolutions, and understand the value of working cooperatively and independently with regard for diverse cultures and viewpoints by developing the following skills.

Initiative: The learner will set, pursue, and accomplish challenging personal goals in his or her education or career, and obtain personal independence through self-confidence by developing the following skills.

Perseverance: The learner will continuously develop recommendations and solutions to individual problems and apply learned skills to resolve each situation by developing the following skills.

Compassion: The learner will identify and develop personal values such as fairness, honesty, caring, tolerance, and self-control by developing the following skills.

IntegrityThe learner will be open and honest in all interactions with all people.

Responsibility:  The learner will meet his or her responsibilities in a timely and orderly manner.

Leadership: The learner demonstrates exemplary standards and is a role model for other SIS learners.